ColesNotFunny deleted podcast.

It was on ColesNotFunny channel before but then it was deleted few hours later. So, for you guys who have watched it and want to watch it again, or to those who haven’t seen this yet, so here we go! :)

When I am home alone :

After they leave :


On my way to the kitchen :


Making my way upstairs


On my way to the bedroom :


In the bedroom :


I wonder if any of my followers know how to make this collage. I’ve seen it everywhere for the last few weeks so I’m just wondering if there is any of you guys know with what app this collage is made? Is it Photoshop or something? And what is the name of this collage, like does it have certain nickname?

Tawni : “Hi everybody! We’ve got a great show for you tonight.”
Chad : “And here’s why. Let’s hear it for our special guests, Cole and Dylan Sprouse!
Dylan :  “Thank you guys!”
Cole : “We’re so excited to finally being here!”
Grady : “Did you guys know that you’re first twins guest stars?”
Dylan & Cole : “Really?”
Cole : “In your face, Mary-Kate and Ashley!”


Lea Michele & Cory Monteith handed KCA2010 for Favorite Actor to Dylan Sprouse.